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Have you been thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom in Longwood, FL.? Now is the time to commit! Our team at NuKitchen Designs features the ability to take your home to new heights. We value ourselves on an outstanding customer experience while offering a unique process that minimizes downtime.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you find your kitchen dated or lacking function, our kitchen remodelers in Longwood, FL. are up to the challenge of transforming it!

A kitchen is a major selling feature in both a commercial and residential building. After all, we all have to eat! Having a kitchen that boasts functionality while looking great is the best way to interest potential buyers and provide a stellar first impression to guests.

To offer significant visual interest, choose between or semi-custom, custom, RTA. If your existing cabinets are in good shape, and you are looking to just update the color, we offer cabinet refinishing services that can help you meet your budget.

Our team has several years combined in working kitchen remodels. We understand how to offer a flawless product that is functional and beautiful. We’ll help you choose between granite, quartz, and marble countertops before finding the perfect complementary backsplash.

We specialize in complete kitchen remodels in Longwood, FL. We’re ready to take your space from drab to luxurious for a reasonable price! A complete remodel will include cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, countertops, and backsplash.

When it comes to flooring, you’ll need something durable and stylish. We’ll assist in choosing flooring that is right for you. We offer various stone tile and ceramic and porcelain tile options to fit your design needs.

Kitchen renovation prices can change drastically depending on the styles and materials chosen and the size of the space. For an average cost, you can expect to spend between $5000 and $50,000. Custom finishes and options will run more depending on your design expectations. Josh will walk you through the best ways to save money in the process.

Our team at NuKitchen Designs in Longwood, FL. wants to transform your bathroom into a genuine spa experience, so you can unwind after a difficult day. We offer the most high-quality fixtures and modern trends, so your bathroom will stand the test of time.

Choose between semi-custom, custom, RTA, and refinished cabinets. We offer several different options to fit a variety of budgets. Due to our in-house cabinet workshop, Josh Torres supervises the work himself, keeping costs to a minimum.

Whether you choose marble, granite, or quartz, we can help you with your transformation.

Have you ever found yourself heading to your bathroom after a long day? Whether it’s to take a long shower, a hot bath, or simply freshen up your face in the sink, the bathroom provides a place of comfort and solitude in a hectic life. We specialize in walk in shower remodels to create the spa look and that feeling of serenity you want after a long day at work!

We recommend using tile flooring for the bathroom, as it’s durable and withstands water well. We’ll help you decide between different styles and finishes for a complementary look.

Our team in Longwood, FL. will help balance functionality and beauty to ensure that you get the most out of your space. We’ll work carefully with your family to determine what you really need, so you get the results that you deserve for the best possible price.

Bathroom Remodeling


One of the first things that the eye is drawn to when entering a kitchen is the cabinets! They are undoubtedly the focal point of the room, and they provide ample storage for pots, pans, and products. Choose between RTA, semi-custom, custom, or refinish your existing cabinets.

Having high-quality, long-lasting cabinets is essential to a perfect bathroom remodel in Longwood, FL.

We can save you money by refinishing your existing cabinets. This eliminates waste and keeps costs down. Josh will carefully remove your cabinets, sand them, and restain them to match the up-to-date look you’re looking for.

Our team at NuKitchen Designs provides custom-made cabinets. Featuring the highest-quality wood and soft close doors, you’ll be wowed at the attention to detail that each piece boasts! We offer several styles from shaker to louvered, and we have stain and paint options that will fit your unique style.

Are you getting overwhelmed by a sea of unorganized clothes in your master closet? Are you lacking convenient, functional, and aesthetic ways to design your linen closet and display towels? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. We can help design that perfectly functional and beautiful walk in closet you’ve been dreaming of.

We’ve identified the common problems with small closets, and now NuKitchen Designs is offering custom closets in Longwood, FL. We provide long-term, functional closet options that improve the functionality of your space while visibly removing clutter.

Custom Closets

Our Process

We’ve carefully designed a process that will limit the time that you’re in construction, so you can still utilize your kitchen or bathroom as long as possible. Our kitchen and bathroom remodelers in Longwood, FL. have built a stellar reputation and have our previous customers constantly referring us to their family and friends.

To kick off your project, our team will offer a free, no-obligation consultation. During this time, you’ll have the floor to discuss your goals, design dreams, and current space. This will allow our team to provide valuable insight as you get to know us.

Should you decide to move forward with our services after the consultation, we’ll begin taking tedious measurements. The measurements we take will allow us to deliver an in-depth, three-dimensional design for you to review. This gives you a virtual tour of how your home will look, so you can get excited and make changes as you feel are necessary.

Once signed off of our designs, we’ll begin the process of transforming your home! This begins with ordering and building your custom products. Once we have finished all of the prep work on our end, then we can begin the demo and installation of new products. From A to Z, the entire process is seamless and stress-free for you and your family.

We understand that there are several remodeling companies on the market, and we want to make sure that you feel 100% confident about the company you invest in. Because of this, we offer completely free, no-obligation consultations. Depending on your busy schedule, we can do your consultation virtually or in person!

Your consultation will involve showing us your space and explaining what you want to change. At this point, we can tell you a little about NuKitchen Designs and dream up your ideal living space!

By the end of the consultation, our team will make sure that you feel confident, informed, and excited about your transformation. We’ll provide estimates on time and pricing, so you can budget and plan accordingly.

Not all spaces are created equal, so taking the time to adequately measure your space is essential to a perfect finished product. Our team diligently and carefully takes measurements of every countertop, cabinet to provide accurate, exceptional results.

When it comes to measurements, we go the extra mile! A ¼ inch can make a big difference in the scheme of things, so we make sure to sink our time and dedication into ensuring that every measurement is up to par.

Whether we’re working with a large space or a smaller space, accurate and tedious measurements are key!

After you’re ready to commit to the expertise at NuKitchen Designs, we’ll offer an in-depth, three-dimensional design so you can envision the final product! This is one of the most exciting steps of the process – with the exception of the big reveal, that is.

During the design process, you can work closely with Josh Torres to make sure that everything looks exactly how you’ve dreamt it. We’ll go over everything from finishes to paint colors to products while discussing the different benefits of certain suppliers and options. After years in the industry, Josh has built a keen eye on where to spend and where to save. When applicable, he’ll do the work himself to provide you with budget-friendly options. This philosophy has made NuKitchen Designs one of the most cost-effective remodelers on the market without sacrificing quality.

We provide unbiased advice and help you make informed decisions during this process.

Let’s get ordering! After you’ve signed off on your final design, it’s time for our team to start ordering material. You’ll begin to see different products and finishes roll in and get ready for installation. Now is the time to kick back and relax! Before you know it, you’ll have the space of your dreams.

It’s time for some major change! Once all of the ordered materials arrive, it’s time to demo your current space. Our team will work tirelessly to take our existing fixtures and products for a fresh, clean foundation to work with.

It’s at this point where you can say goodbye to your old space and really get excited for the next step in your home. We are careful not to start the demo until all of your building materials come in, so you still have a usable space for as long as possible.

Once the demo is complete, and we have a fresh space to work with, it’s time to start installing all of those fresh new fixtures that we’ve ordered! Before you know it, it’ll be time to reveal your new space! Our installation experts have specialized in the quickest and most efficient ways to install different kitchen and bathroom cabinets, fixtures, flooring, and countertops so that the installation moves without a hitch.

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Our Showroom

We want you to feel as though your experience is tailored to you, which is exactly why our showroom attracts so much business! In our showroom in Winter Park, FL., you can get to see different styles, finishes, and designs. This will allow you to choose the best option for your home!

Because of our showroom and ample working space, we have the opportunity to make quality cabinets regardless of what service option you decide. Our cabinet makers and cabinet refinishers are ready to take on the job and provide an exceptional final product every time.

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Our services have been carefully built to serve our respected and valued customers in Longwood, FL. Whether you’re looking for a bath remodeler or a company to completely overhaul your kitchen, we’re here to serve you and make your space really feel like home.