4 Small (But Effective) Bathroom Renovation ideas

modern bathroom interior

We get it, times are tough. Even though there are plenty of reasons why this potential recession/economic downturn is a great time to upgrade your home including your kitchen and bathroom (check out our last blog), as experienced kitchen and bathroom remodelers we’ve seen all seasons of renovations, and know not everyone will agree with us or have the means to undergo a complete bathroom renovation in these times. For those of you who fit into this boat, not to worry. Just because a total bathroom renovation isn’t in the cards at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t add a few key upgrades to your home that will make a huge difference.

Below are some small cost and time-friendly bathroom renovation updates/additions that you may even be able to do yourself (as these are mostly DIY friendly).

When updating a bathroom renovation you have the advantage of a much smaller square footage to work with. This means that upgrading your flooring or wall spaces will come much cheaper than any other room in the house. For tiles, you may want to opt for something simple, yet chic like nonslip dark tiles, which help add contrast and modern allure to any bathroom. 

If you’ve ever flinched because the bathroom floors were too cold due to your AC settings (or you live somewhere where the ambient temperature drops believe 65 degrees) you may want to look into heated flooring. This handy new invention is all the rage these days in the bathroom remodeling world, as you can program these tiles to heat up, set them on a timer, and add major comfort to your space.

purple painted bathroom

2. Update your Ventilation

Have you ever gone for a shower and turned the fan on, only to be disappointed (and astonished) when at the end of your shower your bathroom seems to rival the nearest gym’s sauna in terms of humidity and condensation? Or perhaps even more annoyingly, you’re stuck with a fan that buzzes and crackles so loud you can’t hear anything else while in the bathroom? We want to listen to music, not faulty machinery. Either way, if you relate to this, it may be time to upgrade your bathroom ventilation fan. 

Bathroom ventilation systems are essential as they help expel moisture and eliminate odors while maintaining a clean environment in a bathroom (which is often the darkest and least ventilated room in the house, while also being the most exposed to humidity). A bathroom fan will also ensure a comfortable space by eliminating musty smells. In other words, especially for those of us in the hot and humid sunshine state, a bathroom fan is not optional.

3. Upgrade your lighting when doing bathroom renovation

Lighting is one of those design elements that can make or break a room. Think of those ugly gas station bathrooms with fluorescent lights that hurt your eyes, or perhaps the tiny and dimly lit half bath at your parent’s home that no one ever really uses because it feels claustrophobic and cluttered. What do these two disasters have in common? Misuse or neglect of lighting. In addition to being hugely impactful, lighting also happens to be relatively cheap. It can be upgraded and updated on a very low budget, yet will make your space feel like new. When planning for a bathroom renovation, you’ll want to put some thought into the position and style of your lighting. For small spaces, you may not want to have hanging lights (especially right over an area where people will be standing, like the sink). However, you probably don’t want overwhelming lighting that is too big and bright for the space and will give you a headache (much like those gas stations).

bathroom renovation white tub

4. Maximize your space

Changing out your bathroom vanity or bathroom storage solutions will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your space. Usually, the best rule of thumb is maximizing your space so that it feels bigger than it is. The best way to do this is to opt for minimalist designs and create more floor space. Perhaps by adding a floating vanity, or custom cabinets designed to fit uniquely into your space and surrounding your existing fixtures. These don’t just look great, but oftentimes provide improved storage capabilities and a more refined look.

As always, we are here for your bathroom renovation needs, no matter how big or how small. Want to do an upgrade, but not sure what your budget allows for? This is why we (and any bathroom remodeling company worth their salt) offer free quotes. We want you to be super sure, and excited about your project. Call us today to brainstorm some simple bathroom renovation changes we can help you with!